Ways to Help Us Help You

Ways to Help Us Help You

Real Estate

Estate Planning – consider bringing your last tax return and your most current statements to your visit so that we can help you decide on a course of action based on your complete financial situation.

Probate – bring a death certificate for the person whom you are to represent along with your copy of their will.  Please also bring any bills you have for the person and any papers detailing the deceased person’s assets at the time they passed.

Litigation – whether you are facing a civil or a criminal matter, please bring whatever papers you have concerning the case.  Once you have called us, please also remember NOT to speak with anyone about the case, including police officers – we will want to discuss your rights with you so that you fully understand your options in speaking with others, including law enforcement personnel.


 If you are asking us to go to Court for you, please remember it is important to appear ON TIME for all court appearances unless we tell you that your appearance is not necessary.  If you even think you may miss a Court date, please call us to let us know the reason.  If you cannot reach us — and ONLY if you cannot reach us —  then call the Court and advise the Court — the Court telephone numbers are on our “Information on Our Local Courts” page.  It is NEVER acceptable to fail to appear in Court — the Court looks upon such failures badly and will, justifiably, see the failure as evidence that you do not take the proceeding seriously and, therefore, see little reason to give you the relief you seek.